Self-defence starts at home but worrying a domestic burglary is committed in Britain every 40 seconds. Fortunately, there are several security measures you can put into place that will deter opportunistic thieves from targeting your home:

1 – Fit sturdy door locks

Although many of us assume that burglars enter homes through back doors and secluded side entrances, shockingly 52% of burglaries take place at the front of properties (national archives – crime in England and Wales, 2012). As such, it is vital that you fit your front door with a visible and sturdy lock that will deter burglars. We recommend investing inĀ a deadbolt lock as well as interior door hinges so that intruders won’t be able to remove the hinge pins in order to gain access into your home.

2 – Secure your windows

Did you know that 30% of all burglaries occur through an open or unlocked window? You can never be too careful when it comes to securing your first and second floor windows so we advise investing in double or triple glazing so that your windows can’t be smashed in with crude weapons. Also, we recommend fitting comprehensive locks on your windows and double checking that all your windows are sealed before leaving home. After all, taking a few seconds to check your windows are locked could save you a great deal of money, stress and hassle in the long run!

3 – Invest in security lighting

Studies by security firms have shown that a lack of sufficient lighting is one of the main causes of domestic burglaries. Consequently, we recommend investing in comprehensive motion-sensor activated security lighting around the perimeter of your property; especially around secluded areas such as garden sheds, garage doors, back entrances, pathways and alleyways which run alongside your property.

4 – Bolster your back doors

Many homeowners have fitted resilient front doors but then completely overlook the structure of their back doors. If you have an aged or hollow wooden back door then you should replace it with a metal clad or solid wood alternative and fit it with an anti-bump deadbolt lock. Similarly, if you have a glass back door then you should check that it has been fitted with either double or triple glazing. We also advise hanging a pair of curtains or blinds over glass back doors so that burglars won’t be able to see when your home is vacant.

5 – Install visible burglar alarms

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics! Burglar alarms still remain one of the most effective deterrents against intruders; with an IFSEC Global survey showing that 60% of burglars would avoid homes with alarms in place. If your burglar alarm is in dire need of an upgrade then some of the best burglar alarms currently on the market include;

6 – Catch criminals in the act with CCTV

Smile, you’re on camera! In today’s technologically advanced society, there are a wealth of hi-tech, weather proof CCTV security systems that you can depend upon to keep a close eye on your property 24/7, 365 days a year. What’s more, even if you don’t want to invest in CCTV surveillance for your home, there are a wealth of dummy CCTV devices that you can buy which act as effective deterrents against intruders without the hassle of installing hi-tech camera equipment.

7 – Set timers for home appliances

Looks can be deceiving and setting timers for your lighting, heating and power settings can fool criminals into thinking that your home is occupied whilst you are away on holiday, at work or simply running errands. From activating your outdoor sensor lighting to activating your burglar alarm and security cameras, these seemingly minor acts can be the difference between inviting and deterring opportunistic burglars!

8 – Fortify your garden structures

If you enjoy gardening or keep expensive power tools and mechanical equipment in your garage, garden shed or outdoor structures then you need to regard these facilities with the same level of security scrutiny as you would your home. Fit heavy duty padlocks, lock bars and coach bolts on all of your outdoor structures and direct your motion-sensor activated security lighting over them to prevent intruders from gaining access to your prized possessions.