UK car sales figures hit an all-time high this spring, with over half a million vehicles registered in Britain in March 2017. Unfortunately, these shiny new vehicles are prime targets for opportunistic criminals so it is incredibly important that you take sufficient measures to protect your prized vehicle. To help you do so, listed below are some of our top car security tips that you can use to safeguard your vehicle whilst you are at home, at work, on holiday or on the road;

1 – Activate your vehicle’s immobiliser and alarm systems

If you drive a modern car then it is highly likely that it will have come fitted with a security alarm and immobiliser system. As such, it is strongly recommended that you read your owner’s manual and double check that these systems have been activated before taking it for a spin. Alternatively, if you drive a classic car or older model then there are several immobiliser and alarm systems which you can depend upon to protect your car. Some of the highest rated car security systems currently on the market include;

2 – Consider additional security equipment

Although you may have numerous central locking, alarm and immobiliser systems fitted within your vehicle, it can never hurt to be cautious and there are a wealth of additional automotive additions that you can use to protect your car against opportunistic thieves. Some of the best tried and tested car security gadgets include steering wheel locksthat prevent thieves from driving away even if they gain entry into your vehicle as well as handbrake to gearstick locks and pedal locks which provide the same immobilising benefits. We also recommend installing additional security lightingaround your garage, front driveway or where you choose to park your vehicle alongside fitting comprehensive locks on your garage doors and vehicle storage facilities. These simple yet highly effective security measures serve as visible deterrents to thieves who will be looking for vehicles within which they can make a quick and easy getaway.

3 – Safeguard your valuables

One of the most common car security tips is to hide your valuables out of sight to prevent criminals from targeting your vehicle for theft. Although this is an extremely important security measure, we recommend taking it one step further and fitting locks onto your glove box compartmentsas well as investing in a secure lock box within which you can discreetly store your valuable possessions. These types of resilient lock boxes have been fitted with combination locks and can be affixed to your vehicle via braided steel cables. By doing so, you can store your valuables out of sight as well as achieving peace of mind that thieves will not be able to remove your prized possessions from your car even if they manage to gain access into your vehicle.

4 – Protect your car from hi-tech hacks

In today’s technologically advanced society, many cars come fitted with ‘keyless entry’ systems which enable you to lock and unlock your vehicle from afar. Although these systems are incredibly convenient, they place your vehicle at risk of ‘signal relaying’ schemes wherein hackers can capture the low-power signals emitted from your car and relay them to a device which enables them to unlock your car and even start the engine. To protect yourself from falling victim to these hi-tech car theft tricks, simply store your car keys in a silver-lined RFID blocking pouch that will prevent hackers from intercepting the signals emitted by your car’s keyless entry system.

5 – Track your car from afar

If you’re keen to keep an eye on your vehicle whilst you’re away at work or on holiday then you may wish to consider investing in a comprehensive tracking system for your car. These subtle, compact devices can be discreetly stored within your glove box, in the boot of your car or underneath a seat. Sync these tracking systems with your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer so that you can verify your car’s current location at all times. As matters stand, you can either invest in a standalone GPS systemthat will track your car’s location at street level or a VHF tracking system that comes with a monthly subscription service so that you can locate your car even if it has been parked in an underground facility, lock-up site or within a storage container. The choice is yours!